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Invention Ideas We’d Like to See in the Next 50 Years

Automated cars went from flying under the radar to being prevalent in the media in just a few short months. But sometimes that is the way innovation works—merely a lone concept one day, and before you know it, many companies have a prototype underway.

Innovation can be trendy. Innovation can solve problems. Innovation can help people. Over the next half-century, we need to see invention ideas which bring high tech into the average home, further develop existing inventions, and improve quality InventHelp Corporate Headquarters of life. Here are a few ideas:

Environmental Impact Monitoring

There is no denying, humans make an impact on the world around us, and generally, it’s not in a positive way. Part of the problem is how easy it is to flick your cigarette on the ground or throw an old TV out with the trash without any feedback on how those actions impact the environment. An educational, informational tool which can measure environment-harming behaviors and provide personal data in an easily consumable manner would educate people on these matters and hopefully influence them to change their habits.

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